Tarot Horoscopes for October 19 - October 25, 2009

The world is changing at such a rapid pace that keeping up is not possible any longer. Instead, we are all being called upon to choose our particular areas of expertise and hone those in the NOW. Allow the moment to show you what is needed and focus there. Find a way to carve space for yourself during the day, even if it means sitting in the dark in the middle of the living room and listening to 20 minutes of calming music before getting into bed.

Here are the horoscopes for the week. Blessings!

Aries (Mars) – You must remember that you are wedded to your path. Yes, you can make changes by choice but there may be situations that must be faced dead-on before a shift can occur. This is one of those points. Learning to redirect power and force requires a clear path. Knight of Coins

Taurus (Venus) – There are some things that must be left behind in order to move into the position you desire—people included. You are successful in moving away but make sure “illusion” is not part of the reason for leaving or wanting what you desire. King of cups reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – Someone presents their heart to you this week, giving themselves to you in support. This is the beginning of the end of a long cycle and the reward is joyous. The situation triggers a verbal pattern learned in childhood which can now be transmuted for yours and the worlds benefit. Knight of Cups

Cancer (Moon) – Off on an adventure, eh? Looks like you have made a big decision about where you need to be headed and are willing to walk away from a past desire to get there. This new path is about learning to control the animal nature within. 6 of Cups reversed

Leo (Sun) – Slow down for a moment and spend some meditation time each day to consider nature and not man's interpretation of nature. A budding relationship is there to show you the child's interpretation of the use of power which is often handed down by the male. 4 of Swords

Virgo (Mercury) – You think you are seeing the full picture but you are not. In fact, there is a level of fear that you seem determined to ignore. Examine the fear and address it head on and no one will ever have the upper hand on you again. 8 of Swords

Libra (Venus) – Your world is getting ready to expand exponentially. The things that are deep within your heart will begin to surface, this will require some daily meditative states to step through the day in harmony. This is about finding your spot on the planet and in the magical world of spirit. 10 of Cups

Scorpio (Pluto) – You appear happy and satisfied but who are all those people fighting with each other and why are you happy about that? Much is still hidden from view but action is required and you must move forward. If you can drop the big stick and leave it behind you will have a clear path. 9 of Cups

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – The person assisting you has much to show you and yet you hang on to past events. A female with great verbal ability is giving you sound advice but you are not listening “deeply” enough. End what is not contributing to your well-being. Knight of Cups

Capricorn (Saturn) – Take a long look at the father figure and verbal abuse. No father figure just means you had to make up the things a father would give you which probably means a lot of misinformation. The verbal misinformation will attempt to disturb a new idea about directing your personal power. 6 of Wands

Aquarius (Uranus) – Think about it long and hard before you leap. Walking away from a deeply ingrained situation will bring the winds with it, disturbing all manner of personal issues. If deep transformation is what you desire, wait a moment longer and a gift will come to assist. 5 of Cups reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – What you thought you wanted and what you manifested are both ready for some deep changes. Don't charge in just yet but, instead, allow yourself to examine the potential of thinking differently and see where that takes you. 10 of Cups reversed

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