Thoughts About Personal Evolution

Evolution doesn't have an end. It it a continuous event. It is happening all the time. Right now, as we read this, we are evolving. Evolution is not closed like a circle but twisted like a spiral. It is dimensional and not flat and linear.

Evolution happens in layers. There is personal evolution, as in your soul's development. There is familial evolution, a nation's evolution, the general evolution of mankind. Evolution supports change and disintegrates stagnant, static notions or processes. Ego can get in the way but then that would be part of the evolutionary process.

Consider that everything around us is a manifestation of our evolution. We are either building something up or tearing something down, something is forming or something is disintegrating, someone is born or someone is dieing.

Disintegration is a signal telling us it is time to shift and make changes. Disintegration can happen over long periods of time or can happen during the time it takes to drive home from the grocery market. Disintegration and creating happen simultaneously, they can intertwine in their development.

Consider your own evolution. What if personal evolution was marked by the ability to answer certain questions or to respond in a particular way? What if the questions and responses were unknown to you so your ego couldn't manipulate them? What if they were unknown to all of us in general? What if being able to evolve in this manner had a cumulative effect meaning that each individual's ability to evolve forward (in other words create and disintegrate) pushed the whole of humanity forward or stagnated it? I believe this happens underneath the surface of our outward appearance. Our pure and higher self handles this for us because in the hands of the ego, none of this would take place.

So, how do you know where you are on the road of evolution? The answer is you don't and to put a label on yourself as being of a certain “rank” is a stagnate, static response. The other answer is you can know you are in the right place at the right time—that's what synchronicity is and those moments of clarity. They are pure points of contact with our divine nature.

Happy Evolving!

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