The Popularity of Change

Change is in the air...I love the idea so much and for some reason I think I can get around the actual doing of it every time. I figure that the idea of letting go and the process of change must invoke the worst aspects of falling, hence it's lack of popularity. And so while we like the idea of being free enough to let go and make change, we recoil at the idea of hitting the ground at some point. Talking about letting go and actually experiencing it appear to be two different things. Or am I perceiving out of fear?

Humans love to scream and holler about letting go and making change and the very definite need we have for it at this point in history. In reality very few of us are willing to actually go through the process of letting go of old, outdated ideas. Yours truly included. And yet, when I have finally let go, the experience has always turned out for the better. I have never had the experience of actually hitting the ground. Instead, I creatively rearrange for the better and move on.

I believe "letting go" takes practice and so I encourage each one of you to identify something that you need to let go of (Spending money you don't have, i.e. using credit cards, is not letting go of outdated ideas. Neither is shooting your partner.) and begin the process of letting go. Listen to the chatter in your head and be objective about the process. Conflict and confusion are part of letting go.

My latest tool for points of conflict and confusion is the Hermit card. This lone figure stands atop the same mountain the Fool so happily strolls off of or should I say falls off of. The Hermit represents all those who have gone before us and holds the energy of experience, perspective and accomplishment. Holding the lantern of the light of wisdom, the Hermit beckons us forward, lighting the way.

Next time you are faced with conflict and need a bit of relief from the mental and emotional struggle, allow the image of the Hermit to pop into your consciousness. Recognize your patterns and allow the moment to pass. Most importantly, trust what comes, even if it is a separation or an ending. Just let go of it and dedicate yourself to the next layer of understanding. Get yourself reorganized and then move on to another topic, another day, another moment.

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