National Ego - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes - September 29 - October 5

The biggest opportunity we have ever had as a nation sits squarely on our shoulders for the next 3 weeks. It is confusing, upsetting, and terrifying and that does not begin to describe how it really feels. We can make headway through a lot of traps we have set for ourselves but we still have much to learn.

The cards show we have the opportunity to walk away from what is not real. The blinders are off, finally, and we begin to see that we need to rearrange our place in the world. The idea of fixing ourselves and not something outside of ourselves takes hold. If we could just start to see ourselves as stewards and not owners we will have conquered the largest part of ego, that same ego that seems to have had a huge hand in creating the problems we have in the first place.

The number 8 is prominent in the reading as well as the suit of Coins, not surprising. 8 is a money number, it also indicates a connection between the above and below, or the internal and the external. It reads for me as a point of crossing or indicates a crossroads. In this instance a crossroads for consciousness. We are fast approaching a split not between the haves and the have-not's but between the ego identified and the ego aware. 8 in the tarot is linked to the Magician card, the Strength card and the Chariot card.

If you are tied into psychological time, as Eckhart Tolle calls it, or tied into ego, identifying with the outer world totally and not accepting the inner world, then this is a point in existence where opportunities to shift away from ego begin to wane. The longer we stay tied into ego with no attempt to recognize the power inside us, the more real that ego becomes and along with it depression, fear, anxiety, violence, abuse, addiction, slavery. It becomes more and more difficult to find your way back. Any addict will tell you so.

So start with yourself and stop reacting to the discussion outside of you (that includes the chattering in the mind) and start responding and acting toward the life inside you and watch your circumstances change. “Things” don't matter during a hurricane but people's lives do—aren't we in the middle of the biggest hurricane you've ever seen?

The final weeks before the election will be down right bizarre.

Don't spend it all in one place.

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