National Debt - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes - October 6 - October 12

Our latest national debacle can't be swept under the rug as so many other issues have been in the past. The rug is no longer a rug but a mountain, probably a more accurate image would be a mountain range. It is big, and obvious and in our faces and yet there are those who still try to sneak off with a few million in their back pocket. We discover as the week progresses that we are not alone in our national pain but have plenty of company internationally. The international community as a whole has much to learn from our mistakes as well as their own and we have much to learn about being part of a community.

Ultimately, all of this should lead us to begin writing a new chapter and a new direction and to begin to find some footing—but we have a long way to go before we feel solid again. We still don't understand how not to recreate what was torn down, we tend toward repeating again and again the same patterns. We think we can “fix” things but fix means the old ways stay in place. Abandoning the old ideas and trying new ones is more on the order of what should happen. So the question becomes, how do we get off the greed track? How do we reinterpret the American dream? What should our focus be? Can we find the strength to rearrange ourselves internally and the patience to wait for the reflection to show up externally? Each and every one of us must take responsibility for our actions.

The Justice card speaks of learning to balance the rotary motion of the Wheel of Fortune. It can help us with the idea of letting old ideas die. The ability to ignore the minds constant chatter and to learn silence is paramount. Spend this next week “biting your tongue,” meaning keeping your mouth shut and your chatter distracted by your internal paradise. Replace the urge to be obsessive by refocusing your thoughts on the simpler things in life – breathing, walking, smiling.

Happy diving into the waters of truth.

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