Weaving Desire Into Your Life - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

October 8 - October 16

Mistakes. Humans make them.

Perfection. Humans desire it.

Perfecting mistakes. Humans should do more of this. Why? Mistakes are an opportunity to touch spirit, a place to stop and listen and have a conversation with yourself. They are there to get our attention. Some are much more dramatic than others and some are never noticed except by us. And still some grab the attention of the world, like the train wreck we can’t take our eyes off of.

My obsession with pattern leads me to the spirit line of the Navajo weavers. The spirit line is a thread running from the center of the weaving all the way to the outer edge. It is often in a different color or texture than the pattern of the weaving and most definitely not part of the pattern. This spirit thread allows the spirit of the weaving egress. The idea being that the weaving doesn’t trap the spirit by its enclosure, or the nature of its pattern. Instead, “the mistake,” as Western culture often refers to it, creates the avenue for spirit to travel and gain more knowledge. It is not trapped in the pattern of its maker.

This begs the question, what patterns are you trapping your spirit with? Make your mistakes a way out of the trap.

FYI: Venus is very active right now. Creativity is flowing and imagination is being sparked. Make sure you give it a structure to manifest in.


River of Karma said...

Hi there,
Came across your blog thru blogrush. You make an interesting point abt trapping the spirit. How diff is this from suppressing emotions?

Melissa said...

Hi River of Karma - I certainly think suppressing the emotions is an attempt on our part to trap or control our spirit. I say attempt because I don’t think spirit can be trapped so easily but I think many of us believe it can. I think this need to trap comes from a belief that there are 2 worlds—one physical and one spiritual. When we make this demarcation then the idea of controlling, not having enough, making sure you “get what’s yours” and the world being a bad place to be are viable ideas and invite a whole host of bizarre behaviors and attempts to manipulate including suppressing emotions. Suppressing emotions builds a pattern of energy that can be murky and confusing and this certainly fits the idea of trapping and controlling spirit within a framework (like the outer shape of a rug.)

What I find most interesting about the Navajo weavings and the spirit line is the parallel to the idea that humans have a tether line of energy keeping them connected to spirit at all times. If we perceive the Navajo spirit line as a mistake, and therefore the creation of the work as not perfect, what are we saying about ourselves? And if we can change this perception imagine the changes in our lives.

Lomg live blogrush!