Letting Go Of Big Ideas - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

October 1 - October 7

The theme of “letting go” is waving its big red flag this week. Look to the Death card and the Tower card for assistance.

The Death card displays the necessity of letting go in reference to cycles and how they exist in daily life. The most prominent example is the 4 seasons. Even if you live in a place that seems to have one or two seasons and not four you can still see the changes that take place. If you are a gardener you have hands on experience with cycles and the need to let go – one season builds upon the next.

Along with the cycles of life we have the ability as humans to reassess and rebuild. This includes our internal lives as well as our physical bodies and environments. The Tower is all about the tearing down needed in order to rebuild. The Tower card uses The Death card as compost. We can see the work of both in institutional changes, social change and even in the cycles a business might go through. Watch what happens the next time change is introduced where you work.

It is all about that flash of realization, that moment when you “get” what you need to be doing, where you need to direct your energy and where you fit in the scheme of life.

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