Manifesting Deep Desire - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

October 15 - October 21

I want to warn you about a particular pitfall I faced these last several weeks. I have talked a lot in this blog about intent, focus and attention. I have talked about choosing one thing at a time to manifest and the idea of creating a visual image and holding it in the mind as you move through your daily life, knowing that it is being created as you wish it to be. I speak to you from my own experiences and beliefs and so when I realized I was experiencing something potentially detrimental I knew I had to tell you about it.

Here it is: I almost did not recognize a result I had long desired and that had finally manifested for me. This experience made me wonder if I had gotten there before and didn’t know it. I have been so busy making sure that my daily life provided me with a way of physically surviving that I had created a particular momentum in the physical world that really had nothing to do with my deepest desires except to give me a financial avenue. I always keep my deepest desires in my thoughts but physical life has a demanding presence that insists we keep up. There is nothing particularly wrong with this as I believe it happens when you walk in several dimensions. It is, however, a very demanding existence at times.

I recognized this event through several weeks of on again off again illness that zapped me of energy and required me to figure out what was happening to me or possibly get fired. It was during a weekend of doubt that I realized I had taken on way too much and that the second job I had just acquired was the springboard I had been looking for. I new this when it showed up but I saw what I thought was an opportunity to gain some financial ground and continued to work a 50 hour week. Somehow I didn’t recognize it as the turning point that it was and instead I followed the momentum of the physical world. The result was illness and a month of struggle--the very struggle I had been attempting to avoid. LOL!

So what did I learn that I want to pass on to you?

There is a need for consistent self-analysis--notice I didn’t say constant, I said consistent. You must give yourself time and opportunity to experience or there is no point to any of this so constant won’t do anything but wear you down. Constant has its own form of stress.

Stress that causes illness needs to be addressed and dissipated. You must recognize your role in it. You must shift your thinking to remove it. Sometimes it means shifting a job assignment, moving to a different department in the same company or trading shifts with someone else. And sometimes it means chucking the whole thing and creating something new for your self. Be wise about this but don’t be afraid to tumble.

The body and environment follow when your thinking makes connections and truly understands a new concept. Once I realized I could let go of the first, and very stressful, job and not return, the relief and leap happened without effort.

Educate yourself about yourself. If I did not understand my personal symbols and be as consistent as I have been about my deepest desires I would not have recognized the moment when I did.

Blame is not part of this. If you find your mind creating blame scenarios and difficulty then you have not let go. Letting go means just that, completely letting go and moving on. When you let go in the mind you are creating space for new life to grow.

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