Every Man & Woman Is A Star - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

October 22 - October 28

Here are some thoughts I have had this week.
- Sometimes you must just let go of preconceived ideas.
- Our minds know how to order and organize to survive. But what if that is because our consciousness leads it to do so.
- What if we become more comfortable with being uncomfortable, develop an appreciation for ambiguity, smile to ourselves in public and sing at the top of our lungs at a red light?

Here is what I do know.
- We must learn to appreciate ambiguity. When we find ourselves locked into a thought, one that says it has to be this way, one that sends us into a personal tailspin that entails constant brain chatter and a surprising level of anger, we must look to our long held beliefs.
- It isn’t about them and what they have said or done, it is about us and how we choose to perceive it, think about it, live with it. This is not to make lightly of violent or abusive circumstances, this is to frame them in a manner in which to learn by and move on so as not to dwell.
- Dwelling should be about our environment and what a dwelling can do to support and not terrorize. It shouldn’t be about creating a rut where there is no need for one.

I’m working with the Star card at the moment. Viewing the Star card before a meditation, or meditative movement, such as yoga, can assist the inner knowing to surface in a clearer manner. Revelation is often tied to this card. This would be an inner revelation that does not come in words but seeps in on a very deep level and informs the psyche that it is possible to shift and receive. I am finding this card disruptive on one level and spiritually moving on another. This may be due to The Tower card that precedes it or the Moon card that follows it or a combination of both. I have yet to discover which. I'll let you know if and when I figure it out.

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