The High Priestess - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

August 6 - August 12

Subconscious Activity
Recording your life in images and emotions is the job of the subconscious. Take a look at the scroll The High Priestess carries in her lap as it signifies the ability to record exactly what has happened in a soul’s life. The recording is triggered by our emotional response. When an event makes an impression or an imprint it is recorded on the subconscious.

Emotions are very important to the creative process. They load our thoughts with power so that when we take action they (our thoughts) shoot forward with speed and desire. The universal life force loves passion and does everything in its power to help us succeed. The other half of the equation is our own decisions about how we will choose to respond.

Receiving What You Ask For
When you are given what you have asked for do you recognize it? It can be a simple request and yet we may toss it aside when we receive it. Granted, when it comes to us it may not work the way we thought it would when we requested it. It may no longer fit the plans we have or it could be exactly what we need. Either way, we should always recognize, acknowledge receipt and send a mental thank you into the world of thought. This gratitude keeps the mental and emotional blocks at bay and pushes negative mind chatter out of the picture.

Pay attention to your mind chatter as you move through out the day. Staying focused and objective can make all the difference in achieving a goal. If you find yourself becoming upset and anxious you have moved into the subjective and are losing ground mentally. Don't beat yourself up further just put it aside and move on.

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