Tips & Tools To Get Timing Right - Part 3

This is a 4 part series on tips and tools to get your creative timing on its most advantageous track.

Creative timing often requires the ability to allow things to play out. If you jump the second you see something you don’t want to deal with in the unfolding process you defeat the whole purpose behind creative thinking.

Tip # 2
Wait 30 days for a scenario to unfold.

I often have to back my clients away from the idea that if one tarot reading is helpful then one every day or every week is even better. This generally is not the case* and so I ask my clients to wait 30 days to let things play out and fall into place.

How To Use This
You can apply this to just about any situation that has the following characteristics.

A large number of outcomes possible
Many players involved
A promise from someone
Lots of layers
Involves information that needs to be sorted through
Involves information unfamiliar to you

I also find this useful in everyday living, especially if I am having a physical response to something. The physical response can be fear, a crying jag, or anger. It also works well if you are just plain confused about something and need time.

How To Use Your Time
Ask questions from experts for clarification
Allow your dream state to help answer questions by asking them before you fall asleep and listening to what comes to mind the next morning when you wake.
Spend some time before you fall asleep moving backward through the previous day and catalog in your mind how you felt.
Don’t take anything personally (tougher to do than it sounds)

Remember, creative thinking and timing has everything to do with listening to internal responses. It just can’t be rushed. So the next time you feel a little manic about a relationship situation and feel the need to “mess” with it in a way that is destructive, step back and let it unfold.

Part 4 deals with 90-day wonders and how we can reveal ourselves and others motives.

*Occasionally this works for people who are incremental thinkers, but then that’s a whole other post…

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