Shamanism, Words and Power - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

July 23 - July 29

Normally I use Sundays to write about the actual horoscopes of the week, the prominent cards and the things we need to be looking for. But today is different...I have struggled with bad links, log-ins that aren't working and a very slow internet connection...and so I decided to tell you about a great interview I heard yesterday morning as there is a time limitation to hear it for free.

New Dimensions Radio has an enlightening interview with Sandra Ingerman that you can listen to for free until July 30. You will need to register with New Dimensions, it’s free to signup, in order to hear it. You can purchase the audio for $1.99 after the free listening period is over. Not a bad price for great information.

Originally from Brooklyn and now local to New Mexico, Ingerman is working with Shamanism, the spoken word and the creating we do as we speak. She delves into the unseen effects of our thoughts and our words and working with our perceptions. Wonderful information and very useable for anyone, anywhere. She gives several techniques to use during this interview.

For a complete list of Sandra’s books and to read more about Sandra Ingerman here.
Sandra’s books are perfect for a growing library.

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