Burning Desire - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

July 30 - August 5

We are headed into the peak of heat the next few weeks in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly here in North America. Something just struck me as I wrote the previous sentence. Wouldn’t it be great if we started to refer to ourselves as continents and not countries and governments? That’s off the topic I was headed into, just a passing thought and one of many, lol.

Where I was headed was this idea…why not use the seasons or the weather of the moment (seeing as how the seasons seem to be quite confused at times) to aid your goals and thinking. Why not use the heat of the summer to grow and give energy to your ideas and to burn off the ones that are no longer needed or out dated?

The Element of Fire
In the body, heat is seen as combustion, it is what the digestion process in action creates. It becomes fuel for the body so make sure you eat peacefully and consciously so the fire can burn brightly and effectively. Light and heat can purify and give you energy to keep moving and growing. See the Sun feeding you and your body. Fire is the spark of life that is in each one of us and it manifests in the body as metabolism.

Developing a relationship with the elements is beneficial to understanding your own body and its needs. Fire is symbolic of the divine force used to create. Your relationship with fire can tell you much about your development in the ability to create your own life. If you have a slow metabolism you may want to begin studying the element of fire to assist with shifting it into higher gear. If you have no passion or are not passionate about any subject or idea then introduce a study of fire to ignite drive and will.

Look to the remaining portion of summer as a time to build energy, to gather the potential of fire to be put to use throughout the rest of the next year and to fill the mind with light. Fire illuminates so that our thoughts can be found.

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