Want To Attract Your Dreams and Desires? - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

June 4 - June 10

Are You Undermining Your Success? Think of yourself as a pendulum, swinging toward a point in time, swinging over that point and way past the point and back across your goal. Whoops, missed it again but closer than before and suddenly you find yourself close to where you started. “That’s not good,” you say “I don’t want to be there again, yuck. I need to fix this.” And so instead of allowing the movement you have begun to take you where it needs to go, you begin to gyrate around to where you believe you need to be. For a moment you appear to be closer to the goal but that is just an illusion. What you have done is gyrate so far out of the course of events that you aren’t headed where you wanted to go. And all because you decided you knew how it all was suppose to happen. Your thinking took you out of orbit and left you swinging wildly in space. It took you far away from the swinging lantern of the, the beacon.

Can You Enjoy The Ride? Sometimes we need to be uncomfortable or even wrong and to learn from that. Sometimes we need to let the momentum of our goal, our daily focus and attention, take us where it needs to take us to get to the final spot. If we believe we know exactly how to get from 'a to b' instead of identifying 'b' and taking action to move toward it and allowing the movement of action to take us there, we aren’t going to be as successful.

Working up a sweat? This isn’t a race. There is no need to be competitive merely for competitions sake. Yes, I know we have an economic structure that is based on competition in the marketplace. That doesn’t mean we have to compete. We can create merely because we see a need. We can create because it is the right thing to do. We can create and become rich from anything we put our thinking to.

Creativity is the path that takes us where we have never been before. It teaches us to pour our energy into a focus, a goal, and to take action toward it. Miracles abound once a goal is set and action is taken toward the goal – this is creativity.

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