Bizarre Behaviors - My Life As A Tarot Reader

This is the first article in an ongoing series about the things I learn reading cards and attempting to live a life of practiced awareness. I say practiced because frankly it takes practice. It does not come naturally to any of us.

I typically get 4 types of tarot readings. People either come to me because they

1. want to plan or strategize a change or move in their personal or business life.
2. have had a traumatic event or repetitive situation turn their world upside down and they are trying to sort it all out.
3. have never had a reading and are curious as to what it is all about or they want to prove I am making it all up.
4. want me to make a prediction or give them information about their particular situation.

I never know what type of reading it is going to be until I begin to interpret the cards. Often the readings are about fear or a block of some kind. These are the ones that have the most impact on me. These are the ones that challenge my own understanding of me.

Fear is physical and blocks are learned. In my interpretation, fear is a block but usually it is much deeper than a regular block. Regular blocks are usually learned behaviors and can be about physical appearance, skills and talent, race, religion, sexuality, self-esteem, etc. Blocks can often be easy to dissolve if a person is ready to hear and respond instead of react.

Fear is usually connected to a physical experience or the threat of one. These are usually much more traumatic and I will always suggest professional help. Mind you, these are my interpretations. I am not a licensed facilitator, just someone who has a gift for seeing, feeling and hearing patterns.

This is what I have learned about blocks and fears. Life demands advancement and growth and in response we plant our heels into the ground like we were being dragged to the gallows. The problem is that life will get the growth and advancement it wants, regardless of what we think should or shouldn’t happen and regardless how deep we can dig our heels in. Because we block and aren’t allowing life to flow through us, advancement, increase, and growth pop up in all kinds of weird ways. They manifest depending on the thoughts we wrap around the block or fear. We grow physically larger, we starve ourselves, we get ill, we are loud and obnoxious, we cause drama and tragedy to follow us everywhere, we horde, we isolate ourselves, we become angry and reclusive, we develop bizarre behaviors – this is all growth and increase but bent in the direction we give it to go. Granted there are those of us with chemical imbalances or aging or development issues that result in some of these outcomes. But in general changing your thinking can make lots of these things dissolve and life can get better.

The point is this, you are in charge of your life. You are in charge of what you choose to do with the information given to you by anyone at any time. Take a moment each day and review your responses and actions during the day, trying not to justify any of them. Try not to hang on. Let life flow through you and let go of the thoughts. You are only able to change the way you think about them. You cannot change the fact that they happened. You can, however, change the outcome the next time around.

I love my clients. Their willingness to reveal themselves to me is an amazing experience. Even more amazing are the changes they make happen for themselves.

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