Fast Linking - Things That Intrigue Me

I was intrigued today by:

An interview with the artist Richard Serra on Charlie Rose. He talked about his work and his thinking being related to "how the body measures space through movement and time." Here are a few links for you:

This is a google image search on Richard Serra. Try imagining your body being the steel shapes Serra creates.

The reason for the the interview is his 40 year retrospective at MOMA. This is a online flash version of the exhibit. It takes you all over the museum but if you have a slow computer you might want to skip it.

This one really blew my mind (I think there is a pun here but I'm not quite sure.) Did you know walking can increase the size of your brain? Not to mention sharpen your memory and attention span! Type "your brain in charge" in my new search box to the left and see what else you can find.

More Brain power here. Kids sites are the best for the basics!

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