Reversed Tarot Cards - Can You Read Upside Down?

Seems a lot of people are searching for information on reversed tarot cards as many of you land here looking for interpretations. Although each card based on the traditional tarot deck has a particular meaning, I find that the meaning of the card is tweaked by the context it is found in.

Here are some ideas about how to interpret them:

See the whole - Take the focus off of the single card and view reversed cards as part of the whole reading. Check the visual of where they are placed in the reading, particularly if you are attuned to read the color and shapes in the cards. Readings come alive when reading the movement of the characters in the cards from past to present to future.

Read the energy - Often a reversed card indicates a change in the movement of a situation, turning the energy in a different direction. Sword cards are particularly tuned to this movement as are the cup cards. Look at a sword or cup card upright and then in reverse, or upside down. The swords drop out of whatever they are stuck in. The cups release whatever they hold. In many instances this might very well be a good thing.

Remove your panic button - Many of us learning to read absolutely panic when we see certain cards, especially when we first begin reading. You must understand that every experience is an opportunity and every door a new path to travel. There are no bad cards, only information. Could it be that it is time for a change in your life? Maybe that relationship you are hanging on to out of fear is really not good for you. Maybe the reversed card is telling you things are at a crossroads and your attention is required. Get the facts then act - don't react.

Remember tarot cards are representative of our living, breathing, moving lives. To read them in a static and rigid manner leaves vital observation and information out of the picture. If you don't like what you are seeing, check the messages you are sending out into the universe. It may be time to change them.

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