The Secret of Spring Equinox - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

March 19 - March 25
I love the equinoxes and the solstices. They are natural markers to remind us of the cycles of life and the nature of life – we birth and new life emerges, we live and learn, we harvest the knowledge of living and then we return to the whole, our bodies and our personal energy becoming the soil for future life. I use them as reminders that the world, my world, can change according to the direction I choose to take.

Something to keep in mind during the time from Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice – where opposite forces meet creation can occur. The statement begs the question, where is it that opposite forces meet? Equinoxes are about opposites meeting in balance, hence, equal night and day. The experience of being human is about splitting into masculine and feminine thus creating opposite or opposing forces that come together to create life. The masculine and feminine come together in relationship to each other to create anything - every human has both the masculine and the feminine within them and they create relationship as needed, create in groups or singly, within. One is never without the other and to live life as if one is more important than the other or is less than the other is to be spiritually unaware.

Opposite forces can also be interpreted as opposing forces (reference a dictionary for further definition). The word meet implies common ground. Common ground is where opposing forces come together. Recognizing common ground should be a theme in the coming months if you are committed to personal change. If there is no common ground then step away as there is nothing to create here. (This challenges you to recognize and step outside of dysfunctional behavior and bad habits.) That does not mean there won’t be common ground in the future or that there wasn’t in the past. It simply means not right now.

The Law of Gender, of which Equinoxes and Solstices are a reminder, says gender is in all things. The challenge is to see beyond the physicality of gender and recognize the spirit residing within the body.

The creative, dream like quality of winter is giving way to the warmth, force, and direction driven nature of the Sun and Spring is here.

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