The Secret Laws - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

March 12 - March 18
We are in for a shockeroo as a country. Many of us have been aware of this for some time and have been making changes and shifts in our lives accordingly. Unfortunately the grand majority are completely uneducated in the area of self discovery or assimilating a new vision for themselves; they cling in fear to routines that are obviously not working. When we cling with emotion (fear or joy) we can only attract what we emote. Many of the processes in place (internally and externally, both personal and socially) need to be allowed to disintegrate and be replaced in total or completely dropped from the landscape. Spring Equinox is upon us and once again the Strength card is at the forefront of the weekly tarot horoscopes. Universal Laws, the Strength card symbolizes the Law of Suggestion, are not laws that can be rewritten. Our president and all those in power across the world and in our corporations and communities cannot simply decide to ignore, veto or rewrite one or all of them. We live by these Universal Laws whether we acknowledge them or not and they live under the surface of our skin and deep within the psyche. Yes, they can be misused, obviously that is so, but fortunately each of us has the ability to see the truth if we so choose to think and reason. Unfortunately proper thinking and reasoning must be taught and as a whole our society does not acknowledge this need generally due to fear and ignorance (those in charge do not want to be challenged).

Here is a secret: Emotion is potent and the Law of Suggestion says that nothing is worthy of acting upon or being attracted to unless it is powered by emotion. Organized religion understands this and uses it often to their advantage. Know this - the ability to reason clearly and with truth built into the thought process is necessary before throwing emotion into the equation, in fact it can trigger emotion. Seeing into a situation and not relying on surface information is vital to creating change. In order to attract (using the Law of Attraction) you must connect emotion with what you desire AND you must have a clear picture of what you want. Faulty premises will lead to faulty attractions.

As always give yourself permission to be and have your hearts desire.

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