Mercury Retrograde Still In Effect - Free Weekly Horoscopes March 4 - March 10, 2013

You may be feeling a bit roughed up this week by the energy shifting. Mercury Retrograde has an effect on communications, in general, and anything electronic or electrically charged---I think that covers just about everything on the planet! Couple the retrograde with the overall state of the planet and you have a pressure cooker unlike anything we've seen before.

To repeat, don't take anything personally, don't get involved in arguments (back off and smile when you see where a conversation is going) and do what you need to do to manage your personal energy---naps; meditation; early bedtime; quiet, instrumental music (no lyrics); deep breathing; a hot bath; cold shower....whatever you need to do to feel okay.
Want to know what's going on? Try this The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships , this is a good one too, Power, Freedom, and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness OR this one A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose .

Touch the divine. Wynn Free offers free to attend spirit calls three times each week---you can call in or listen online. He takes everyone on a journey to connect with the higher realms of light that we are a part of and opens the air waves for a direct message from Source.

If none of those grab your interest, there is one way to move in this new direction that you can practice on your own---Open Your Heart, forgive and practice doing so constantly.

Aries (Mars) – This is an important moment in your existence that requires you to shift your thinking. You must be listening to and feeling your internal connection to the Divine to manage this shift. Your ability to see past illusion will be called upon daily. Drop the fake and reach for the truth about YOU. The Magician

Taurus (Venus) – The rough spots are just points where the wobbly stuff in your life is falling away. This will feel good to you and should transform you in small ways---you should feel more balanced and satisfied with life and your physical being. Think of it as new dance steps and dance your way to feeling good each day. Ace of Coins reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – This point in time is a point of pivoting and it is built as part of the game you are playing. Use it to uncover false beliefs or misperceptions you hold. It will pass quickly if you can see it as having value—every moment has value, btw, no matter what you may believe. Wheel of Fortune reversed

Cancer (Moon) – What you have gained appears to be threatened but don't entertain those types of thoughts. You are simply tied to what you have asked for and manifested---this is always true no matter what. However, shifting your perception about “problems” and making them “opportunities” is the trick to surviving. 2 of Wands

Leo (Sun) – If you see your own value, other people's opinions and perceptions will not matter. This is what you are learning about at the moment. Everything is moving along splendidly whether you see it or not. Just remember that as you direct your thoughts toward what you desire, balance and equilibrium is always in play. 5 of Swords reversed

Virgo (Mercury) – Once you make the decision to shift and are fully vested in where you are headed, the energy will move swiftly. You are back in your “element” or place of knowing and can handle just about anything that floats your way. The money will come soon. Ace of Coins

Libra (Venus) – This is the midway point in a birthing process, that means there is more excitement and possible frustration to come so hang tight and keep breathing! Walking away from one situation and into another may not appear to resolve anything. However, it may make you feel more comfortable physically. It could also deliver a new avenue of thought, a new perception that is helpful. Empress reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – The result of this latest disagreement has hidden ramifications. You must get clear in your mind about what you stand for or this problem can erupt in other situations. Stick with overall well-being and move away from shame, fear and manipulation to get the best results and pave the way for good. 5 of Swords

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – The only way out of this situation you are in is to shift your way of perceiving what you are looking at. At the moment you are caught up in illusion and you are unbearably nailed to something you see as painful. You must begin to see it as an opportunity or you will stay stuck. BELIEVE it is an opportunity and it will become one. Say thank you to everyone and mean it! The Lovers reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – Helloooo Capricorn, over here (waving hand). The “way” is open to you right now regarding business, putting things in order and being able to cut away the unneeded. However, you must stay focused on the value you are providing and not the money you need. If you get stuck in an old pattern, meditate your way out of it. 4 of Wands

Aquarius (Uranus) – Take a deep breath and keep your focus on well-being and joy and away from fear and blame. The energy is very strong right now and you are being tasked to learn to manage this new level of vibrational frequency. This is about changing how people perceive you---for the better. Strength

Pisces (Neptune) – It's time to take what you have learned and apply it to your whole lifestyle and way of relating. Over the next few weeks the internal, emotional pressure and struggle you have been dealing with will subside. However, it will always be there for you to reference. It's been an invaluable experience that will inform you for a long time to come. 9 of Coins

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