Imagine Your Future, Right Here, Right Now - Free Weekly Horoscopes March 25 - April 1, 2013

Wynn Free offers free to attend spirit calls three times each week---you can call in or listen online. He takes everyone on a journey to connect with the higher realms of light that we are a part of and opens the air waves for a direct message from Source.
If none of those grab your interest, there is one way to move in this new direction that you can practice on your own---Open Your Heart, forgive and practice doing so constantly.

Aries (Mars) – Stay open to the possibility that guidance is forever with you. Your path is well lighted this week, if you will simply spend time “feeling” your way through. If something does not “feel” right, do not engage. You must begin to trust your own feelings, instead of what everyone else believes is correct behavior. Queen of Coins

Taurus (Venus) – Hitting a bump in your path happens and this one was a bit of a doozy. However, you have once again mastered your way through it. Was it your ability to ignore what you saw as opposed to what you were feeling that worked? Luck is simply the end result of a string of successes formed by thoughts. 9 of Coins reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – The labor pangs you are feeling are normal when birthing such a BIG idea. Stay focused, offer help where you can easily manage it (don't over do that one) and remember you must keep moving forward. The final push will arrive soon enough and the results will amaze you. Empress

Cancer (Moon) – There is a feeling of being “hollow” or “hollowed out” that permeates your week. Have you handed over an important personal task to someone else? Pay attention to internal guidance. This guidance may seem to be disruptive but may give you some deep insight that is soul altering. Heirophant

Leo (Sun) – The horse plays a prominent role in your adventures this week. Think freedom, power, mobility and love. A wild, driven desire is transforming your path. The desire to cut away what doesn't work is subsiding and the inner voice you are learning to trust is urging you forward. Are you listening? Transformation

Virgo (Mercury) – Adjustments to a work situation have you a bit unbalanced with daily tasks, but you are surviving nicely. Look toward an older female presence that will be controlling your actions for the moment. Interacting with her will begin to reshape your emotional responses---in a good way! 6 of Coins

Libra (Venus) – You may believe you have lost someone/something really big and important but all you have lost is what needed to be transformed. Working out the details and smoothing away the rough spots is your job this week. You truly are not tied to anything unless you believe you are. King of Swords reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – Negotiations have concluded and you did not win what you believed was yours. You need a new set of reference points for making decisions. The old ones worked well up until last Fall when things shifted. You must start “fresh”, so get rid of things that remind you of the “old way”. The Moon

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – A “cause” is pulling you toward it---is this where you need to head or will it just stir-up your fears? Stay in your creative mind---doodle, paint a room, plant some flowers. If you move too far away from that mindset this week, you will fall deeper into the power trap you are attempting to escape. 6 of Cups

Capricorn (Saturn) – It's all up in the air---your family situation, work and personal. You are deeply tempted to strike out on your own. Make sure you are doing so for the right reasons and that you have a clear and workable plan. Someone is stealing but it is hard to track them because there are so many involved. 10 of Cups reversed

Aquarius (Uranus) – Things have settled in for the beginning of Spring and you are seeing it all for what it truly is. However, transformation is still afoot and it is important to keep track daily of your own shifting thoughts and feelings. Family needs your attention more than they are telling you. Ace of Coins

Pisces (Neptune) – Your decision to stay is now being tested and verified. Is this what you truly wanted and does the other person know what you are offering? Take action to ensure you are heard clearly. Ask for divine guidance to help you through these first few months. Knight of Cups

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