How To Analyze Tarot Horoscopes and Readings

Here are some notes and observations that may assist you when reading the tarot horoscopes I write for you every week:

  • Tarot readings and horoscopes are conversations with self. The reader or writer is merely an interpreter/facilitator. They do not necessarily know the details of your everyday life. Use them as a tool for self analysis and to plan and strategize and you will get the most from them.

  • Writing a horoscope means writing for 1000's of people with the same astrological sun sign. Although I see details, I need to generalize them to some extent so everyone can benefit.

  • A general horoscope touches on a bird's eye view of the energy available during the time period stated. You are always in charge of your life so do with the information what thou wilt.

  • If I make reference to a relationship and you are not in one, consider those around you that you relate to everyday - coworkers, neighbors, bosses, the people that serve you in the stores you frequent on a daily or weekly basis. These are relationships too.

  • Business and work may be home and family to some of us. Home and family may be business and work to others. Keep this in mind when reading your scope.

  • The pronouns he and she generally refer to masculine and feminine energy. When reading, I see the difference in the energies but not necessarily as individual people. You are left to interpret this as needed.

  • My readings are very non-biased toward physical gender and sexual preferences. I don't care if you have to paint yourself purple to have sex. It does not matter to me. However, if you are abusive in any manner to anyone or thing, that does matter and you need to seek help OR if you are uncomfortable with your sexuality or misusing it in some way then seek help.

  • When I bring up legal issues and you know you have none then consider that there are legal issues within - areas that need more balance, are ill, in need of being removed or put on probation.

  • There are no evil cards in the tarot. Many people take issue with this. Here's my take: Intent is 100% of the law. People can be evil if that is their intent. But the cards? They are merely symbols that describe concepts and consciousness. The Tower, The Devil, and the Death card can indicate a death or a traumatic event but more than likely they are references to transformation, new life, the pitfalls of life or transition.

  • If you choose to see the world as a bad place then, indeed, it will be.

  • Change is a gift.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this article and think that it will be helpful to myself and others.

Melissa said...

Great CMM. It helps to understand where the reader is coming from when they work. Glad it was of assistance to you.