Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
February 22 - February 28, 2010

Aries (Mars) – This week shows a turn in the direction you thought you were headed. This does not change anything except your personal perceptions. Your childhood thinking resurfaces and its time to review and take note of the mind maps you have created, so far. Justice

Taurus (Venus) – Another shift to manage, yes you CAN do it. This is one of those “had to end” relationships—it really didn't feed the lifestyle you imagine for your self. More possibility is piling up outside your door. Lots of new opportunities, you just need to choose ONE. 2 of Cups reversed

Gemini (Mercury) – Do not let the veil of illusion cloud a decision. What you are seeing may not be what is truly happening below the surface. A new personal connection/relationship balances out a moment of stress. This is an earned occasion, one that was planned. 7 of Cups

Cancer (Moon) – It might be just fine that you cannot see exactly where you are going—the scenery may be daunting and confusing. The results are spectacular and mingle with the idea of carrying your home on your back. A new way to interact with everyone is born. 8 of Swords

Leo (Sun) – A bout of unhappiness delivers some solutions. The subconscious is searching for a way to assist and you keep throwing the answers back. Rewrite the script you have been working on to create the changes you desire. High Priestess

Virgo (Mercury) – The week centers around home and relationship. The truth gets spilled and the situation is much messier than first thought. Legal issues may surface. Keep in mind that a time frame has opened in order to deal with this in a quick manner. Old ideas must go. 10 of Wealth

Libra (Venus) – Out of the desire for opulence comes a series of situations bring more of that into your life. A gift out of the blue occurs simultaneously with a shift in consciousness. A new idea gets verbal time, even some planning and forming, and then it gets dropped, or so you think at the time. 9 of Wealth

Scorpio (Pluto) – Don't hang on to sorrow or upset—it is time to release all of it. This is a lesson in how to work with the energy of the universe, how to get what you truly want. Legal issues begin to shift but will hang on for a while longer. Silence continues to be imposed. 3 of Swords reversed

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – There are two or more sides to every story even those stories that have only one character—you. A shift in thinking, an aha! moment, shows you the duality of your life. Now you must decide whether to continue hiding it or to bring it out in the open. Magician reversed

Capricorn (Saturn) – Stepping away from a questionable situation was a good decision but unless you examine the thinking that got you there to begin with it could reoccur. A new relationship comes and goes quickly. The wheel of life has other plans for you. 8 of Cups reversed

Aquarius (Uranus) – The job is calling for much more than you signed up for and you may need to point that out. It could lead to another job to replace it or it could mean that the job description gets rewritten. Decide what you want and see it clearly. Hierophant reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – Another relationship (friendship, business partner, lover, baby) is left behind and a new one arrives quickly. The birthing process you are working with delivers opportunity and a new persona, a new role to play. Completion and rebirth are the themes this week. Knight of Cups reversed

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