Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
December 28 - January 3, 2009

Aries (Mars) – What you have chosen to walk away from, and for good reason, opens the doors for a new connection. For some reason you think you are not receiving spiritual assistance—not so. 8 of Cups

Taurus (Venus) – Remove the thoughts of “getting away” with something—lies, stealing, pretending—are not allowed right now. Negotiating is at the core of existence for a while so finish the discussions before attempting to move on. 3 of Wealth

Gemini (Mercury) – Perceptions about power, direction and creating are shifting. A new avenue is offering a moment in which to discover verbal and mental balance. You are becoming the authority. Page of Wands

Cancer (Moon) – Do not make any decisions this week unless you spend sometime in meditation prior to the final choice. Childish beliefs are attempting to transform, causes are falling by the wayside and everything is becoming more visible. 7 of Wands reversed

Leo (Sun) – Old issues are still being fought against when they no longer exist. It is time to move upward and away from an old life path. Verbal skills abound and transformation awaits. Time to take action. 7 of Wands

Virgo (Mercury) – While you mull over a personal mistake, someone else is gathering verbal ammunition. This may require several steps sideways and the resolve to put it aside until it reappears with some answers. 3 Of Wands

Libra (Venus) – An opportunity for a new partnership may seem satisfactory but you keep choosing others who cannot follow through to show you where your mistakes are being made. Let them tell you who they are first, to get the most information. Ace of Swords

Scorpio (Pluto) – The energy just wasn't there to sustain the relationship. The subconscious only brings what is buried, so figure out why your energy keeps choosing losing battles—stop hanging onto outworn principles. 2 of Cups reversed

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – It is time to shift and identify the world as a spiritual place. Shifting may feel like a huge loss but that is only in the ego, the truth is full of much more than “things”. Knight of Wands

Capricorn (Saturn) – Where do they all come from? You keep trying to sidestep the attention and following of people but they always seem to find you. Truly they are just a distraction, stay focused. Queen of Cups

Aquarius (Uranus) – For all the confusion and emotional turmoil, you are really doing a good job of completing this cycle. Remember that birthing has at its final moments a swelling of pain and force. Ace of Cups reversed

Pisces (Neptune) – This new adventure will only be as exciting and nurturing as you want it to be. “See” and “feel” it all before hand and it will come to you in that way. Demanding your “way” may be an unavoidable by product. 3 of Wands

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