Secret Scents - Attract the Lovers Card

People who don’t believe synchronicity, or serendipity, is a real phenomenon and want to chalk everything up to coincidence, do they believe there is a higher power, God, or a divine source of energy we all come from? If they do I would love to know how they think a divine power would communicate with us. After all, we are spirit in a body (or genie’s in a bottle if you will) and when we need to hear from “home” how does it happen?

Okay, Melissa, what tangent are you off on now and what’s this got to do with tarot? Allow me to explain.

I have been conducting intense research and meditation with the Lovers Card over the last several weeks. Last Saturday I headed for the local library for my twice a month visit - I read a great deal, all kinds of topics, as you will see. I have always practiced what I call “book magic” or “library magic.” I just roam the shelves until I find a book or books that interest me. I rarely choose a topic before starting my book magic. It’s amazing how dead on the books I find are to the personal and internal life I am leading at the moment of choosing the book. It never ceases to amaze me when it happens – sometimes before actual national and international events occur as well - and I am always so incredibly grateful for the information and the experience.

The funny part of it – I usually don’t know from the title or subject that the book is going to match up or have not made the connection until after the fact. It’s the one aspect of my esoteric journey that I wish I had documented as it has been happening for a good 40 years but alas it never occurred to me that it was important other than to amuse me and help me over a bump in the road.

Getting back to the Lovers Card. One of the book’s I checked out was about Marie Antoinette and her perfumer, A Scented Palace - The Secret History of Marie Antoinette's Perfumer. It seems that the perfumer kept a diary of his business and his ascent into the French court and ultimately into the Queen’s personal circle. It’s a fascinating quick read – I got enamored with all the scents and combinations of scents, not to mention the fashion and intrigue. He even describes some of his recipes, in passing of course. Well, guess what I found out after I brought the book home and started reading? The Lovers card is associated with the sense of SMELL!

Now it isn’t earth-shattering information but it is a reminder that spirit moves in mysterious ways and maybe not spirit so much as the subconscious. It tells me that filling my mind and my thoughts with the LOVERS card and its imagery pulled me to topics related to the information and I realized in a flash of a moment, I need to begin working with scents to trigger meditative states.

Look for moments like this in your own life. I know they are there. But remember if you are preoccupied with topics that are counter to what you want to achieve then you will attract that instead. First, you need to become aware of what your mind is occupied with!

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