Earthy Secrets Found - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

April 30 - May 5

Mundane and ordinary seem to mark the week but don’t allow yourself to be fooled into the wrong direction. Perceptions about wealth and prosperity are at the center of activity. A seed has been planted that re-informs our culture about wealth. We are learning that wealth is not about money, necessarily, although money is included in the mix. The struggle with wealth and prosperity is about our perceptions swirling around value. When we don’t have a positive understanding about our personal value we don’t know how to attract the next level of value.

One of the more prominent cards in this weeks readings is the Queen of Coins or Pentacles. She’s a luscious, delicious card that speaks of prosperity in all its forms. Court cards can be used as significator cards, a way of identifying the person being read. She is a female earth card and reigns over her gardens. She has a green point of view and is connected with the Empress card. This energy and understanding is found in both sexes.

On the national and international fronts - look for more information about the food supply to surface. The local farmers movement will gain tremendous popularity to the point of gardens being placed in homeowner’s yards to supplement the local movement. Farmer’s markets will become a new hangout and center of the community, much like the cafĂ© and coffee surge of the last 10 to 15 years. The combination of coffee and local makes me hungry!

On the personal front, look for opportunities to connect with the element of earth. Digging, planting, and rolling around in it all work. Why do this? By connecting with an element you allow that information to seep into the subconscious and inform your mind of better ways to accomplish goals.

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