Is The FDA Killing The Lovers?

I’ve been watching the FDA's approval of the no cycle pill that is being pushed on the fertile female population and I have to say I’m seeing fascinating possibilities right along side horrorific problems.

From an esoteric standpoint it is rather disturbing to see the female cycle being pushed underground like this. Take a look at the Lovers card. When spirit comes into physical form it is split into feminine energy and masculine energy. Feminine energy represents the subconscious and masculine energy represents the self-conscious (the angel is the superconscious in case you were wondering.) Our bodies take the form of one or the other and some people are blends of both. Our bodies may represent one or the other but creating cannot happen without one or the other hence we have both internally. One of the energies is not better than the other; it is not superior to the other and it is not dominant to the other. Both have roles to play in creating.

We each have masculine and feminine energy inside of us. I say inside of us because we have never found an adequate way of describing the process of masculine and feminine energy in the feeling and thinking process. Hence the problem with this new pill – are we attempting to displace the subconscious by masculinizing the feminine? And if so, what does that mean? Are women so out of touch with the mysteries they hold that they are willing to destroy them instead of traveling the path of discovery? Has society decided the menstrual cycle is taboo and so we must remove it? Is removing the possibility of pregnancy compensating for the lack of sex education? What is it women believe about themselves and about their masculine aspect? What is it that men believe about the feminine aspect of themselves?

On the other hand, there are many that believe we are becoming androgynous and eventually we will blend masculine and feminine to the point of not looking like either one in particular. This opens a myriad of possibility. Will we then be able to shape shift and become what we need to be for the moment? Wow, that might be the coolest thing ever. It certainly would challenge online gaming. Why bother paying a fee to pretend when you really can? Will we be able to disguise ourselves like the undercover cops in A Scanner Darkly?

Medically and psychologically I think this proposes another whole set of issues. You are playing with hormones here and having been a guinea pig for Depro Provera in my early 30’s I can tell you it’s not a good idea, especially when there is no emotional support for the process. Although not having a period was liberating in many obvious ways, the weight gain was something that absolutely threw me not to mention the psychological aspect. My understanding of who I was, of the role I played socially and physically became very blurred when the hormones weren’t there to create it for me. I had no tools to understand what was happening and I became very uncomfortable psychically - I just didn't feel right some how. In fact, the hormones are what make us male and female so what the heck are we doing to ourselves? Can this be safe? Is it a smart thing to do?

I know as a student of the occult world that we aren’t changing a thing in many respects – creating still happens the same way it always has, it just is. My observation is that we are changing the appearance of the process and making it more difficult to really “see” and understand the truth. We can change the way we think and that changes what we manifest but we can’t ultimately change the base process.

What do you think is the underlying message here? Is this an attempt to control the population in general or a particular portion of our population? Is it all about our societal views of nature vs man or is it divine evolution?

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