Can You Remove the Chains That Bind You? - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

May 21 - May 27

The Devil made me do it! Ya, right. It's an excuse many people may not express outwardly but they believe on some level - that they are not responsible for their actions.

At some point during the process of studying these cards you begin to realize the beauty in all of them. Not necessarily the actual art work as beautiful, the Devil Card being the nastiest looking card in the deck. No the beauty comes from understanding the role each card plays in our personal existence.

This week the opportunity to separate and release and move on with life is strongly pushed. How does the Devil play into this? The Devil card represents what happens when we attach in an unhealthy way to the physical – people, objects, events, and scenarios we create in our heads. This happens when we don't take responsibililty for our selves.

Notice in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck that the male (self-conscious) and the female (subconscious) are chained to the throne the Devil sits on. Take a closer look and you will see that the chains around their necks are easily removed. All they have to do is reach up and do so.

It really is that easy to make change. The obstacles and the excuses we use are all in our heads. Granted the obstacles and excuses are very real in many cases. There may be financial difficulties that must be addressed or cultural or location issues that get in the way but all of it can be overcome, all of it.

Here are some ways to start the process:

Don’t figure out how to make it happen, just decide you want it. By deciding the goal and formulating the words to express the goal you are on your way. The tough part is removing the “worry” or “concern.” The next idea can help.

Replace old thoughts with new ones. This takes persistence and dedication. It also takes the ability to “hear” your self. Once you begin to be persistent with replacing your old thoughts with new ones you begin to actually feel what the old way of thinking was doing to your ability to achieve. Start with listening to your self in conversation with others and in your head.

Start with one change and make it a habit. So you want to lose all that extra weight. You struggle and struggle with it and lose some then gain it back. Erase all of that and start with one change. Spend a year at this one change and make it a habit. I personally removed sodas and sugary drinks from my diet. I drink only water, herbal teas and fresh juice. I also have removed vending machine food and fast foods. Adapt this idea to all the changes you would like to make. You might find that in implementing one change you start an avalanche of change.

The Devil card is drawn the way it is to get your attention.

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