Make Me Smile - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

April 16 - April 22

The message came loud and clear for me this week – all experience is nothing but information about us and for us. So the experiences you have are about you. Now, where does that leave the idea of it being about them? That becomes a dead end, doesn't it? Yes, sometimes other people’s issues become very clear and we recognize our role in their opportunity for discovery but their issues are not for us to judge. That is for them to deal with and this is where compassion comes in to play. Your job is to understand self better and sometimes you can do this by understanding others better. The issue of “them” is about the fear of addressing “you.”

How do you learn? How do you operate emotionally? Do you demand attention? Do you wait for attention? Do you pay attention? Do you really need to operate this way to have what you want? Will you attempt to discover what you can learn from experience or will you dwell in the fear and make it your home? Sometimes events are so deeply scarred within us that it takes an extraordinary amount of courage to face them and reclaim the rutted areas. It can be done. Facing self is about uncovering the divine within. Why would you not want to know the divine within? Who told you it wasn’t okay to know who you are and why would it not be okay to have what you really want?

Working on the challenge from last week? Try using this mantra when you catch yourself using negative thinking. “I can. I will. I do. I have. I am.” Use this the moment you recognize the negative thinking. Let it become your first response and you will physically smile when it pops into your head unrequested. A smile can change the world in a flash.

As always I dig for the foundation when I read the tarot cards so use my horoscopes as guides and live what you know is right for you.

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