The Magnificent Plastic Brain - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

February 26 - March 3
No more excuses people! “I can’t” is not part of our vocabulary any longer or hadn’t you heard? The brain is capable of plasticity as addressed in the latest scientific data. It is being proven that we can change our brains just by the way we think. Not just the way we think but actually by what we think about. Change the daily mental images you feed to yourself and replace them with images of what you want and desire in life and watch yourself and your environment change and grow in those new directions. Spend the week paying attention to what it is you say during the course of a day. No, really, listen to yourself. What is it you repeat over and over in conversations with others as well as with yourself? These are habitual thoughts that have become solid and muck about with your hopes and dreams. Now that you know what your bad verbal habits are, when you begin to repeat them, stop yourself and rewrite what you are about to say. Keep the rewriting up and the old thoughts will begin to dissolve. Make your comments in the image of what you really want or at least a bridge to get you to the next place in your big plan. Instead of “I don’t have the money for that” or “I can’t have that,” how about “It’s not in my budget at the moment” or “I don’t know that I really want that.” Being selective and particular are great habits to have as they keep the garbage out of your thoughts.

Remember you are always in charge of your life. But first you need to decide what it is you really want. What might that be?

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