Interpretation Is Everything

I’ve had quite a few questions in the last several weeks about interpreting the weekly horoscopes so I decided to create a link to the page on my website that speaks to this. It’s a loosely written and ongoing monologue that addresses the way I read and some of my personal views on the cards. I add to this page whenever I feel it is necessary. As I do I will try to remember to inform you.

The latest metaphysical tomb The Secret is just way to intriguing to ignore, so I will be addressing it in the weeks to come. I need to get my hands on a copy first – I just hate it when people begin to rant on a book they haven’t even read, how bout you? I can tell you this, the Law of Attraction has been known of for centuries. It is not, however, the only universal law. There are by most counts 6 others. But those are topics for other entries, so stay tuned. And thanks for all your input and questions!

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