Wrap & Bejewel Yourself By Moving Forward - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

January 22 –January 28

Pay attention this week to let downs and those wonderful highs that follow. No not the manic type, the normal ups and downs of life. Try taking yourself out of the normal routine – stop at that gallery opening on the way home from work, checkout that bizarre flick at the local movie house or give some of your time to a charity event. It’s a week of mundane shuffling and re-arranging. Redirecting your routine by introducing a new endeavor can shift it all in a new and bright direction - wrapped and bejeweled. Highlighted topics include: Feng Shui (moving your stuff around can influence the way we are thinking and living), fitness and exercise (physically moving around more is always a personal booster) and discovering a new location (for home or work consider a different home-base, aren't you driving too much?).