Awed and Confused? Whipshawed into Denial? - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

January 29 – February 4

Awed and confused? Spend this week practicing the Art of No Expectation because both awe and confusion follow hand-in-hand as we experience a series of situations - nationally, internationally and personally - that have us in jaw drop mode one minute and dizzy the next. Awe shows up in situations where you are taken by surprise at the outcome. The confusion comes when you try to figure out how you got there and why you didn’t get exactly what you thought you were suppose to end up with. Backtracking can take you only so far. You will be better off focusing on the here and now and following those resolutions, or "redirections" as I like to think of them, you set down for yourself earlier this month.

Don’t panic, just go with it!