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WhiteRavenOwl said...

Believing in tarot and astrology has been an enlightening, real experience. Your knowledge and the sharing thereof is as breathing air to me, I am grateful for your sharinng and caring. A change is eminent for me in 2010 where am I most secure in a location where I can flourish for the remainder of my life?

The Tarot Goddess said...

Hi White Raven Owl -

Happy to be of assistance!

Because of your circumstances you aren't going to be buying a condo in Tahiti :-) However...

Look for a place that is physically comfortable to you and that makes you happy at your core. You will be happy every time you wake up in this place. Smaller is better, fresh air is best, a community that surrounds you is important. The community should be of all ages, an elementary school or play area for children should be close by so you can keep touching youth as you begin to traverse the information at the other end of the spectrum. You should be able to indulge your passions here.

I would choose a place with water and a tropical feel—even if it is an apartment with a tropical feel around the pool, a community with a tropical name or a small house with palm trees painted along the back fence. Incorporate the tropical, ocean and sunset into your surroundings--use the "beach colors" of soft greens, blues and pale orange and pink.

The location should be light, airy, breezy. Cleaning away old thought patterns is important now and the air will help you accomplish that.

Ask as you are falling asleep for information about the location. Keep paper and pen close by to jot things down. There is a place in dream state that you go to often that is ideal for you and that can be replicated.

This place may be just around the corner or within miles of where you now are or the name of the final location is similar to something close by...

Best Wishes.
The Tarot Goddess