Fastlinks - Law of Attraction, Sacred Text, The Story of India

This week I looked for links that could serve to shift our minds away from the craziness of our world. Hope they lift your spirits high!

Here is a link to the weekly tarot horoscopes in case you missed them.

Internet Sacred Text Archive is filled with fascinating material--lots of out-of-print items, information about Egypt, DNA, alchemy, parapsychology...the list just goes on and on. Love this site!

Abraham - Hicks has this page filled with Free mp-3 audio listening. If you don't know anything about Jerry and Esther Hicks then start with the first tape and listen to them in order. Esther and Jerry along with the non-physical energy called "Abraham" originated much of the "Law of Attraction" material that is being used by everyone.

"The Story of India" is one of my very favorite PBS programs--it is colorful, enchanting and fascinating. It is a 6-part series with incredible photography and sound. Watching it makes me feel better about the world we are living in and the events we are witnessing. Here is a link to the show's PBS page.

Here is a clip from the second episode

Have a beautiful, restful rest of the week.

The Tarot Goddess

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