Tarot Reading for May 2010

Thought I would check in with the Universe and see what May holds for the United States. The reading was filled with stops and starts. The latter part of the month, around the 14th, shows our mental faculties falling in to place and getting a boost.

The U.S.'s ability to assist others will be hindered through most of the month due to the need to focus on our own transformation process. In other words, we will be distracted by our own antics, revelations and issues. The rest of the world will need to operate on their own steam for awhile.

There Is More To Reveal
I know it's hard to believe that there is more to reveal but there is. Much of what the U.S. is dealing with is still hidden from the public and our citizens. This has been so for such a long time that finding the original sources or points of departure presents an unsolvable problem.

(Read about how to create without the need to “fix” anything in Robert Fritz's book Path of Least Resistance. His advice is timely and innovative. Everyone should read this book if they want to understand how we need to move through this predicament we seem to be in. My copy is marked, dog-eared and littered with small sticky notes. I keep it close at hand.)

Our Mythology Has Crumbled
The foundation of the tarot reading shows the deep loss of our standing in the world community and the lack of a clear mental direction as a nation. (In many ways the loss is based on a mythology that the rest of the world helped create.) It also shows an opportunity to birth a new “attitude”--one that has nothing to do with making anyone right or anyone wrong. The month continues with a feeling of loss by many but a burgeoning ability to look past the “bad stuff”, turn off the crazy chatter in our heads, turn off the media and begin to mentally create a new direction for ourselves. It has already begun in many of our smarter communities.

Fear is not part of this new direction—we must remember that! Whether it is in our daily lives or our daily work as a community or a nation, fear is not welcome.

An Outcome For The Month
The outcome shows the underlying fortune that this country holds no matter what its problems are. Our inexplicable problem with moving on and releasing pain is shown buried in our blanketed generalities about race, education, culture, sex and religion. We are a nation of contrasts. Just remember contrasts are generally extremes or the polarity of the same idea. Defining contrasts this way indicates that there is a midway point.

We are rich in all things. Why can't we see that?

Enjoy the beautiful month of May 2010 and the ever encroaching summer months.

Here is a link to the week's horoscopes.

Blessings to everyone.
The Tarot Goddess

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