Weekly Tarot Horoscopes
February 1 - February 7, 2010

Aries (Mars) – A decision must be made and having to make it is not necessarily something you would choose to do for fun but it must be done. Make this one for the good of all and not a personal vendetta. In fact, ask for higher guidance in making it. Sun reversed

Taurus (Venus) – It's as if you could get away with just about anything for the next week or so—but don't push the boundaries. Lots of movement this week provides an opportunity to move forward quickly. What was so today will not be tomorrow. 8 of Wands

Gemini (Mercury) – You are completing a cycle and entering the next without a breathe to spare. Your ability to assist others financially is birthing a new you. Yes, the foundation is shifting but not dramatically. Flourish within a new point of view. Hanged Man

Cancer (Moon) – Decision made, and yes, there are emotional issues to work out. Do the working out in dream state and let it go during the day. The process provides a missing piece of armor for your journey. Smile to shift the energy—really. 2 of Swords reversed

Leo (Sun) – Emotion can be used to further a personal cause. A new adventure is in the offing, one that is tied to future events and truly being comfortable in your skin. The full result of the transformation will not be viewable until next year. Queen of Cups

Virgo (Mercury) – It may appear that life has taken a turn for the worse. Never fear, progress is afoot and headed in your direction. Review your thinking habits and look at the goals you formulated a few months ago for further guidance. 10 of Cups reversed

Libra (Venus) – A transformation begins to take hold involving money and property. It is difficult to see your way through it all. Alongside the events of the next week is someone who assists you in getting the things you want. Devil reversed

Scorpio (Pluto) – You may be perfectly happy with the status quo but you might want to look further. A decision made recently could be keeping you from advancing to the next point in your journey. Consider who you are hanging out with and whether they want the best for you and vice versa. Hanged Man reversed

Sagittarius (Jupiter) – Now you must figure out how to untangle the current situation. Walking away won't work—you carry the energy that is knotting it all up. Change your manner and way of thinking and it will all begin to smooth out. Temperance

Capricorn (Saturn) – Faced with a single decision and stuck on all the other possibilities? Choose one possible scenario and step into it. The fact is, any one of them could work and they all lead to the same place. So what's the real problem? 7of Wealth

Aquarius (Uranus) – You may have won a battle but the war is still raging on. Much of what is being thrust in your direction is not traceable back to a source. You have the money and ability to wait it out but do you want to and what will you get in return? 10 of Cups

Pisces (Neptune) – You are being waved into a new existence and you still don't see the way in. Distraction shifts you constantly and the truth gets pushed aside because of an emotional disconnect. Find a common cause and connect there. 4 of Wands

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