Weekly Tarot Horoscopes - November 12-18

November 12 - November 18

Ups and downs are reassuring, it means change is possible.

I find I am really pressed for time these days. A new job plus demands from my tarot reading, writing and my daily study of the cards is keeping me very busy. I am struggling to find the balance for a personal life which has always been active and fruitful. I'm torn these days on which way to go.

Of the utmost importance is writing the 2008 year in advance horoscopes and that is now my focus. This means less time to visit with you here but I know you will understand the need for my shift in focus. I will try to remember to give you a link and a few words every week, but if I miss a week or two or even three, you can always get to the weekly horoscopes from this page. The link is always the same, but the content changes every week. Or you can bookmark the horoscope page and check it every week. I usually post new horoscopes on Sunday afternoons.

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