48 Hour Film Project, A Perfect Example of Timing and Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

July 16 - July 22

The topic of timing must have been imbedded in my thinking this week (see previous post.) Here’s how it played out for me.

My summer Saturday mornings are spent at the Downtown Grower’s Market here in Albuquerque. I love these mornings and all the activity they bring along with some great people asking for readings. But this particular Saturday was a surprise for me or maybe it was just the timing. As I was attempting to take down my signs and pack up my table and chairs to head home, I was asked by a film crew to be in a scene they were filming. Albuquerque has several film competitions, not to mention poetry slams and lots of local theaters and arts events.

This week the 48-Hour Film project started their weekend competition off with a film boot camp and then sent their teams out into the field to start filming. They have 48 hours to film and edit a short movie (4 to 7 minutes).

Now think about this for a moment, they receive a topic and a time frame, that’s it. The crew has to link up mentally about the goal (the topic) and begin taking action, lots of action, allowing the topic to develop and the things they need to appear for them. Well, there I was, “the fortune teller” a title I detest but I went with it. It was "timing" afterall and I saw the beauty of it. In 15-20 minutes the scene, at least my part in it, was mapped out, walked through and filmed from every angle so they had enough to work with in the editing room. Then off they went to search for the next scene.

What a great way to face the world, armed with an idea and a goal and the guts to take action. First viewing is Tuesday night. I’ll let ya know how they did and if I ended up on the cutting room floor!

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