Authority Revealed - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

April 23 - April 29

Authority figures are prominent in the horoscopes this week. Lets take a moment to identify the cards that would represent this.

The first and most prominent is the Emperor card. The Emperor can be read several ways. Most often it is seen as a fatherly figure, an authority figure or someone that has control in some manner. It also can refer to business and the business of business. Esoterically this card is about ORDER and REASON as in keeping an orderly mind and reasoning by means of putting into order and coming to a conclusion.

Other cards representing some form of authority, and more specifically who may hold the authority, would be the Kings and Queens of the court cards, the Justice card, the Hierophant card and to a lesser degree the 2 of Wands on the level of achievement.

We will see revealing information about authority figures floating to the surface daily now. Several ideas begin to take form in public perception. These ideas are not new but are being written and spoken about in a larger more encompassing manner. One is the idea that authority is a perception. There are many that understand this already but there are many that are being enlightened about this presently. The second is that authority is an earned “title” and not one given just because of a title, position or role.

Maintain your stability with a dose of inner peace and always remember you have the last say.

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