Balancing Act – Are you Part of the Circus? - Weekly Tarot Horoscopes

February 12 - February 18

Could you have your own circus act? If so, what would it be called? "Magnificent, the lion tamer and his bevy of unrealized projects" or maybe "Belle, the tattooed beauty and her trail of tears." All joking aside, if you think you're alone in your life problems, think again. The issue we all deal with, the one that causes us to hit the proverbial brick wall, is two-fold, the issue of flowing with life and the issue of mind over matter. Striking a balance between the two can be the point of conquering your demons. The tarot horoscopes this week address both issues. Allowing the difficulties of life to flow through you by changing the way you think about them can mean less stress. Changing the way you think about your life can mean making changes in the circumstances of your life – small steps eventually lead to bigger ones. Try just one change and stick to it. Remember – you are the constant in any repetitive circumstances of your life.