2007 Yearly Predictions - Tarot Style

Yearly 2007 Horoscopes copyright 2006-2007 MLR

Aries (March 21 - April 20) – Finances: Home and family are stable in the financial sector but growth is longed for. You are bound by previous expenditures that must be met. Although you certainly don’t suffer the necessities (unless you are using way too much credit on a monthly basis) it does bug you that you can’t seem to get beyond that point. Saving should be put into the budget this year. Plant seeds for next year and a financial windfall could be in the offing in 2008. Pay off those credit cards and throw them away!

Relationship: Action, action, action! If you are single, congratulations – this year is full of interesting and titillating relationship experiences. If you are partnered, look for some deeply transformative twists in your relationship. Transformation is the name of the game in 2007 and with that comes a level of heartache for as humans we plant roots in very unfertile soil on a regular basis. Till the soil this year and fertilize and feed it well and you will see the changes you wish and dream of. Think of your “self” as the soil and become one with the worms.

Career: It’s touch and go this year as you make head way by leaping into the next level. Your situation is fairly stable and fulfilling on one level but you want more. Experiment the first half of the year with ways to make that happen and then chose one or two to pursue the later half of the year. Move forward and stir up trouble, then retreat and analyze before making the next move – that’s the touch and go of it. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your little “ego” boosting empire can’t be either.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20) – Finances: It is time to act, Taurus. Find a way to deal with the “blues” that hamper you and get moving. The potential for earning this year is tremendous but it won’t happen on its own. It will take some work. First you need to identify the avenue to take and educate yourself about that direction. Then you need to plan how you will attack. Balance, weigh and then judge, balance, weigh and then judge.

Relationship: You have been under some illusion about what kind of a relationship you need and it has blocked the possibility of finding a solid one. It’s not just about the kind or type of relationship it is also about the role you play as well. If you had it your way the relationship would be about the “exterior you” all of the time - hence the problem. A relationship is coming your way in 2007 that will absolutely turn your heart inside out and upside down. Good luck!

Career: Taurean’s love to assist and support their friends, family and co-workers. They tend to be very generous. All of this is a career highlight for 2007 - look for a work related move that puts you in the position to mentor and assist. A creative well begins to get deeper and deeper inside you due to this opportunity. Suddenly you find you are being asked to mentor and support in an area you feel unfamiliar with. Give it a try and see where you end up. Your timing is impeccable.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20) – Finances: Potential as far as the eye can see is a necessity for any Gemini. This year opens with tons and it centers on a deep emotional commitment you have with your self and the universe. This commitment has been in place for many years but this year will see it shift and appear right before your eyes. None of this sounds like a financial horoscope but it is one if you know how to read between the lines. Your finances are tied to this commitment.

Relationship: I do believe the focus and shifting and re-evaluating you have done this past year is finally going to pay off this year. Taking the time to know your needs and to get your internal house in order is admirable – there are few who will attempt such an undertaking. You will find the match that fits with such an undertaking and when it happens it will elevate every aspect of your life ten-fold.

Career: Any well-developed adult has built boundaries and fences where they need them in their lives. This is healthy. 2007 shows you tearing down some, rebuilding others and shifting ones that might need a new perspective. This makes for a very interesting and intriguing year of career closet cleaning. Some of the tracks you have put down need to come up or be cleaned-up and you spend a lot of time deciding what’s what and who is who and what needs to mix and what needs to be dressed differently. It’s all good.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22) – Finances: It finally occurs to you where you made the mistake with your finances. Everyone has been trying to tell you but you just couldn’t see it. 2007 sheds all kinds of light so if you don’t “get it” this year you just won’t ever “get it”. There is a lifting of focus on finances, an ease that hasn’t been seen in quite sometime but it isn’t all gone. So, my advice? Take steps to approach money differently. Educate your self fully on the topic of finance this year and see where it takes you. Leave no stone unturned and approach it from angles that are not typical. It is about feeding your subconscious the best images you can and then allowing the subconscious to do its job.

Relationship: 2007 is the year of the carnival ride for relationships, Cancer. Life just gets turned upside down and you will need to let go of a lot in order to keep your head above water. You must learn to deal with that “Wheel of Fortune” game show feeling – the one you get when they spin the wheel, where will it stop, will they lose everything or will they make more money or break-even? Cancers tend to approach much of life in this manner and it isn’t healthy to dwell so much. Taking your self outside of the “norm” is a growth experience and it is healthy. Stop trying to prevent life from happening and this year will feed you well.

Career: The potential to move forward and take new steps in the career path is the focus. There is a force and a power behind the decisions made this year that is right in line with your desires. A path that you have been negotiating internally drops into your lap. Take it. This year is ripe for growth and learning. Take notes, observe and look for opportunities to learn even more. You will probably be low person on the totem pole for a while, just smile and do your job and be grateful for the opportunity to learn. Now, if you could just learn to apply the principles by which you work from and use them in your relationships and with your finances life would get so much easier.

Leo (July 23 - August 22) – Finances: Worry and concern may be at the foundation at times this year but the truth is you have what you need to make the headway you desire. This is a year to act and move. The internal separateness you feel at stressful moments has the power to transform and become whole. How does this translate into finances? It means you see much more clearly than ever before the path to financial freedom. The direction you have chosen is a solid one for you, now perfect it. Use the intuition you were blessed with and the ability to handle the torch and you will be sailing free by the end of the year.

Relationship: It just comes down to one in 2007. All the others drift away. You connect on the grounds of a “cause” and it grows from there. Just one and one only comes forward. A whole new level of relating enters the picture and home becomes the ultimate spot on your daily map. It couldn’t get much better than this. Success, release, and balance dot the year. A lot of this has been in progress for the last year but without the actual “visual” to go along with it – meaning you have focused your energies to get this and now it manifests. Fighting subsides.

Career: It seems that there are other things more important this year than a career move. Any heartache about work or lack thereof is released and forgotten. At the same time you may be held back in another career related area. The buzz phrase for you is “in process” because everything is and not much alters from its present position. That does not mean nothing is happening. It just means if you mess with what is happening you will be sorry you did so don’t. In the mean time take some classes, read some manuals and learn some new tricks. A new direction is afoot but you don’t get to do anything about it till the last few months of 2007.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) – Finances: There is an attempt to take from you this year in a financial sense - either a cut in pay or an actual taking of funds. Keep a look out for a couple – she’s in the drivers seat – both of them try to play on your emotions. You spend the year putting one foot in front of the other. No dramatic changes just some long needed balance and security. Maintain balance as best you can. Don’t take on any more than you have in your pocket and don’t agree to support anyone financially unless you have it in your pocket and can spare it. It is unlikely that you can spare anything at this point. The direction you have chosen financially is solid but needs momentum and patience.

Relationship: Opportunities abound this year, just not in the relationship sector. 2007 is a year of self-exploration, ALONE!, and you are actually pleased about this. There is a spiritual direction worth exploring and it will take you away from the norm to do so. Nights and days spent in the desert, on the beach or in the woods will happen frequently. Your earthy nature needs to sleep in the dirt for a while so it can stay sane. Find ways to feed that part of your self. It won’t be easy because the other areas of your life are demanding lots of attention in 2007. Consider that 2007 is a gift.

Career: Creativity is at an all time high in 2007. This actually shakes some parts of the foundation your life is built upon. Sounds odd, I know, because if something incredible is happening how could anything be wrong, right? Just ask some of the most creative people on the planet and they will tell you that their career highs were often matched with personal lows. The struggle comes at the crux of balancing the internal with the external “you”. Plus your ability to maintain who you appear to be in public is pulled right out from under you. Do you really want to keep partying with the people in your life from 5 years ago for another 5 years? Do they bring anything to the table?

Libra (September 23 - October 22) – Finances: The need for worry has passed. Work and its possibility for a fruitful financial year are at hand. 2007 shows a balanced financial situation and the desire to take a new direction. Why would you want to spoil a sure thing? Possibly because the handwriting is on the wall? You are going to see, very quickly by the way, that all is not rosy where you are and there is a need to plan for a future rift. Smart. The problem is the new path is not well lit, at least not right now. Spend the next few months lighting that path and make your move later in the year, or at least the first step.

Relationship: Success and the possibility of a physical move sit high on the list concerning relationships. There is the need for some fancy footwork, if you will, to get things completed but it’s possible to accomplish. Decisions, minor transformations of personality and soul and a touch of magic fill this year to the brim. Your ability at self-control and managing make all of this happen gracefully. How is it that you are not more in awe of your self than you are? You should be dumbfounded by your skill at maneuvering a crowd but you don’t seem to see that as a worthy accomplishment. Suggestions: after a meeting, a confab or public event, instead of berating your self about what you didn’t do, identify what you did well and how you can do it even better. By the end of the year you should have a greater appreciation for your people skills.
Career: Focus in 2007 should be on creativity and how to gain the most from it. This isn’t about the emotional side of creativity. No, this is about balancing your life with creativity and that includes your career. In fact, your career is front and center here. It has been drained by others for far too long and now you need to siphon some off for you and cut everyone else off. This may mean laying boundaries where there were none before and reinforcing others that have damage. Of all the signs, Libra has the need to protect the most.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22) – Finances: 2007 finds you “nailed” to a situation you would love to run from. Actually Scorpio has wanted to run from things for a long time but this one is a no go, it must be dealt with. Learning to control inner rages and desires is highlighted in 2007. If not now, then when will these be addressed? Your need to appear fruitful and flush with cash has got to go. If you are so concerned with appearances then you aren’t dealing with the truth of your life and that doesn’t help you in the long run. Your job in 2007 is to be honest with your self every minute of the day, especially about your finances.

Relationship: There is so much you aren’t seeing this year in the way of relationships that you may just want to pack that bag and dig a whole to crawl into – but don’t! You are going to feel very successful in communicating with people. And you will feel great about everyone around you. You will feel this way most of the year but toward the fall revelations make you realize that nothing is what it seems. Transformation is at hand. Scorpios are the best at this but this year is nothing like anything you have dealt with before. Humility is the name of the game.

Career: 2007 is the year you cut through all the b.s. and get where you need to be. You find your spot and your direction and nobody can take it from you. Fighting for this spot may be called for. Strategize and get your ducks lined up before heading into battle, though. Youthful exuberance is not enough to take this hill. Relationships may take a beating over this but transform and get stronger because of your drive. The career path gets a little murky toward the end of the year and you may need to write your resolutions for 2008 about 3 months earlier than usual.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21) – Finances: The need in 2007 is to be conservative with your money. You haven’t been so in the past and it has created a path that needs clearing and cleaning up. Come up with a direct and clear plan on how to deal with this issue and then implement it. Truly follow it because the rest of your existence is teetering on your ability to do so. Don’t gamble on this one in 2007. Spend nothing except what you have in cash. Plastic is not money.

Relationship: Relationships are forced to change this year. You are successful in maneuvering these changes and absolutely nailed to the process. There is no longer a way around the need. Sag’s tend to put off until tomorrow what they really need to do today and you have pushed this need in the relationship sector to its brink. Frankly, you are darn lucky to have the friends and family you have so get busy making things right with them and with your self. You may have to move out for the year to get back into good graces. Or you may literally move away completely from some relationships. And still other relationships may be barred from your reach.

Career: It is better to build a foundation with solid material, like concrete or stone and not paper or cellophane. Consider what happens in the career sector of our life an opportunity to get it right. Something in the foundation of the career has been built on an emotional need. Now that isn’t necessarily a problem, emotions can fuel and drive all kinds of good things. The problem is in how the emotions are used and addressed. If there is no substance to them, if the individual has not self analyzed and come to an understanding about their emotional needs and instead is flying blind, then there is a huge problem. Problems rise to the surface in 2007. Face them squarely or suffer the consequences.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) – Finances: Decisions have been made and the need for creative finances is at hand. I refer to this as “high finance”. That’s where you move the same $20 around to cover every mess up you make in the checkbook. You will be doing a lot of this in 2007. But you have been for a while now. Underlying all of this is a new partnership that is financially rewarding. You either get a new sugar daddy or mama or the one you have is more generous than ever. Try not to spend it all in one place! Here’s a novel thought, earn some money on that money instead of spending it frivolously.

Relationship: An authority figure in your life lightens up in a big way this year. The ties that bound you before do not exist any longer but it takes you the better part of 2007 to figure that out. What does this mean? You get to write your own ticket in the relationship department and get what ever you want. But first you must figure our what it is you want. You can ask for more or make changes as you go but you need to get a clear definition of the relationships and direction you want. You will receive assistance with this along the way. But you must pay attention in order to recognize it.

Career: For all of your thrashing around, 2007 rewards you with the best career move you’ve ever seen. It actually has more to do with a change in attitude than anything else. Once you get how this works your life will never be the same. This is the theme of 2007 for you – getting your attitude adjusted. The next step is controlling that inner nature and deciding intellectually what needs to happen instead of reacting out of addiction. This has everything to do with a career move as career choices should reflect your inner world and this year your inner world changes.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 19) – Finances: The image that comes to mind for your 2007 financial situation is “ear to the ground”. It is a slow start to the New Year. It may be June before you begin to feel 2007 in your pocketbook. There seem to be a lot of issues that need to clear before the big money rolls in so take your time and cross all you t’s and dot all of your i’s, there is no rush. About mid-year you get wind of something very lucrative. Don’t rush in. Examine all the angles and decide how to approach it. It could land you in a very nice place in a few years if you manage it well.

Relationship: Relationships, finances, and career issues all seem to blend this year, more so for your sign than any of the others. Taking a youthful swat at all of them is ill advised. A lot of words will pass between you and others. Be especially aware of things said that you will regret. Catch your self before you speak ill of some one or something. And keep this in mind when speaking with your love partner(s). Even if you know the truth or can see through what others are doing it still may not be in your best interests to blurt it out in 2007.

Career: Although you may have planned your career moves quite well during 2006, something is amiss in 2007. It isn’t anything to do with you so much as it is with the industry or group you work within. Spend some time this year looking at new directions within your industry. What are the trends, what is happening in other sectors that might influence your industry, and are there other markets to explore? Due diligence always pays off. The answers will not be obvious and may require some digging but you will be rewarded in the future for you r tenacity – see “finances” for more info.

Pisces (February 20 - March 20) – Finances: There is an aftermath to deal with in your finances during 2007. You keep skipping over a very important part of creating wealth and you need to identify what that is. Are the images clear, the direction focused and narrowed, the planning and strategizing impeccable? It isn’t that you are deeply in debt, although that may be an issue as well, but it feels more like you just aren’t aware of something, that the “something” even exists. You will be given a series of scenarios from which to learn of this missing link. These will be scattered throughout the year. No need to get worried just the need to pay attention.

Relationship: It is not the most fertile of grounds to work with but it is what is at hand so go with it. The year is about creating a support group, a group of friends from which to draw solace and to have a good time with. It has been barren for quite a while, your relationship sector, even though there are folks around to hang with they just aren’t what you really need. So, you get to imagine a few into existence in 2007. Take your time and decide what you really need. The last few years have shown you how you can survive well on your own so there is no need for people that just don’t fit well. At the end of the year you should have a full stable.

Career: 2007 begins slowly to deal with the career dilemma you face. A direction you began working with toward the end of 2006 gets put on hold by some unknown force and you feel a bit put out by this but so much of that has happened that you just sigh and move on to something else. About mid-year it rebounds and out of the blue it is once again at your doorstep. Suddenly there are decisions to make and all manner of lists to write and situations to put into order. Enjoy the new flurry of activity and congrats!

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