Purchase Tarot Readings

ASK A QUESTION - get an answer via email--written or audio file.
These readings are not one liners - these are paragraphs of information from a professional, individual tarot reader (no automated program is used!!!).

This is what you get with each EMAIL reading:
- a photo of the foundation cards of your reading
- your personal reading (tell me if you want it written or as an audio file)
- the opportunity to ask a clarification question if you feel the need to within 3 days of the reading being sent. The clarification question needs to be about the information provided in the reading.

Here's how this works.
Pay for your email reading using the button below. Readings are $25.00.

Then, email The Tarot Goddess at digital_isis@comcast.net and let me know what your question is and whether you want the reading in written format or audio format. If you want just a general reading, then state that in your email as well.

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